San Diego Real Estate Group Continues to Successfully Remodel Homes in Encinitas, CA

I recently got the chance to tag along with a top San Diego Real Estate Group and it’s latest remodel project in Encinitas, CA.This isn’t the Dalzell Group’s first rodeo so it’s already proving to be a successful endeavor. Encinitas is a city of endless summers; days start with dawn patrol surfing and end with unbelievable sunsets, with some sun-soaked ice coffee breaks in between. The vibe is laid back, and every house is eclectic with its own unique charm. It isn’t rare to find a classic beach house nestled next to an ultra-modern glass mansion. What ties all these differences together is the sense of community in Encinitas; streets are lined with hip cafes and old-time diners full of people, neighborhood kids skate among dog-walkers, and people you’ve never met greet you like friends.

The Dalzell group’s latest project is a modern house with a property that is lush and overgrown, like a secret jungle retreat in the middle of the city. It’s a project of epic proportions that spans the entire home. Will they be able to pull it off?

The pop-out garage will be redone with a new material, distinct from the rest of the house. By using Santa Barbara finish, the San Diego Real Estate Group makes it unique and visually interesting, while still complementing the rest of the house. 

Because first impressions are of the utmost importance, the entry way is being remodeled in order to be beautiful and inviting (think large door and lots of glass). The design was inspired by a restaurant they visited back in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. I guess you never know where you’ll find your inspiration!

Inside, they show me the work being done on the kitchen: it’s a beautifully textured dolomite surface that will be applied to the countertops and backsplash. The entryway to the home creates a fluid connection to the back of the property; the space is open and inviting with views of a modern, concrete entertaining patio out back perfect for hosting guests. 

Overall, the remodel creates a space that is contemporary without being cold. Big windows create the illusion of open space and allow for natural light to filter in and light up the rooms. Every aspect of the property is perfectly suited for entertaining friends in a relaxed atmosphere. I’m looking forward to seeing the project when it’s finished, but I already know it’ll be one for the books. 

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