RAW 10 (E4): Life Happens in Your Mind | Healthy Competition | Taking Time Off

Here’s another episode of “RAW 10” coming live from San Diego, California during a nice, decompressing drive on the 101 along Encinitas & Carlsbad  heading home from a few appointments. Three things that I wanted to talk to you about today.


  1. life happens in your mind – you experience everything in my mind
  2. healthy competition – creating a productive, competitive spirit without having a fear-based competition mindset
  3. time off – take time for yourself to decompress

Life Happens in Your Mind

San Diego - Carlsbad - Canon Bluffs - Sunset - Healthy CompetitionFundamentally, everything that happens to you and everything you experience takes place in your mind. Life happens in your mind. For me, it took a while to really start to believe in that statement. But once I did, life started to reflect this very belief. Right now, it doesn’t matter what I’m saying. What matters is what you’re digesting and what you believe about what I’m saying or what’s being presented today in this content.

So regardless of how good I am as a person, as a speaker, if you have negative thoughts about what you’re hearing, then you’re gonna label this content as negative. Whereas, somebody else who’s watching this loves it might say, “Wow, this is amazing,” and they’re gonna have a better day because of it. And that is the beauty of life, ladies and gentlemen. You get to create and choose your whole existence and how you will experience every moment of your day. And that is powerful! That is super powerful because what you do or how you think and what you believe will affect you experiences. That is empowering, to say the least.

Healthy Competition

Hawaii - Kauai - Dragon's Breath - San Diego - Ocean Beach - Plant Power - Mothers Day - Healthy CompetitionCreating healthy competition.  What I would do is find people within your industry, your field and your business you respect, enjoy and you really appreciate (at least creatively). Even if they’re in, what people would categorize as, direct competition with you, seek them out and connect with them.  The reason they’re in direct competition with you is because the marketplace places you side by side. But this doesn’t necessarily mean you are in direct competition. Here’s what I mean.  Yes, if a client goes to them to fulfill a service or need, they’re not gonna go to you…but there’s plenty to go around. Don’t develop a scarcity mentality. This mindset of abundance is about seeing life and your work as a place where you thrive versus having to survive.

So find somebody you trust, somebody you appreciate, somebody you feel really is in alignment with what you’re doing and learn. There’s always opportunities to learn. There is always an endless amount of nuggets of information that people can bestow on you, and you can learn so much from them. And you’re not in competition based on fear. You’re in a healthy competition based on creativity and style.

Time Off

San Diego - Ocean Beach - Plant Power - Mothers Day - Healthy CompetitionTake time for yourself. Take time to decompress. It is super important. I learned this later on in life (actually very recently). Business is a pull and push game, meaning there are often times when you’re pushing, and there’s huge momentum behind you. But then there’s times when you pull back. And the pullback is really what helps you optimize the next push. The pullback is really just there for you to prepare and recharge for the next push.  (I guess it’s a lot like delivering a baby…lol).  If you don’t take the opportunity that is granted to you during these pullback, you may actually be hurting your growth both on a personal and business level. It’s an ebb and flow system. The downtime is an opportunity for you to develop skills or address issues in your business other than maybe sales or pushing for revenue, especially if you’re the only one running the show and everything falls on you to do. This gives you a multidimensional business, a multidimensional character and brand. So do not overlook this. I’m very impatient, so it’s very easy for me to overlook this part of business, or personal growth and development. And I know it’s easy for a lot of people to overlook.

All right, so hopefully that helped you guys a little bit. It’s just a little inside scoop on my challenges, and my successes. I am human, and I have my own places that I need to grow. Thanks for paying attention. You can be reading anything in the world right now, but you’re read this blog entry, so I appreciate you.

Feel free to comment below, if there’s anything that you want me to touch on or if there’s things that you have questions about, whether it be business-related or family-related. Whatever it is, let me know. Thanks again. Take care.

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