New Years at Cabrillo National Monument & Point Loma Lighthouse

Today is New Year’s Eve and Kari and I took Makena to the Cabrillo National Monument & the Old Point Loma Lighthouse.  Randon and Melissa came with us, and they brought their son Lukas as well.  It was a beautiful day in San Diego, but a bit San Diego - Old Point Loma Lighthouse - Cabrillo Monument - Lighthouse (IG) (1)chilly.  From the monument & lighthouse  we were able to see Coronado, downtown San Diego, and even some of the islands off the Mexican coast.  

Randon and Melissa had never been before, so Kari and I were really excited to show them around the popular tourist attraction.  Since they spent so much time showing us different places in Kauai, I thought it would be great to show them some neat places in San Diego.  

The water was really blue that day, and we could see tons of boats sailing in and out of the bay even San Diego - Old Point Loma Lighthouse - Cabrillo Monumentthough it was so windy and cold.  The monument itself was also pretty crowded, which is unsurprising because the statue of Cabrillo is beautiful, and the coastline that is visible behind it is absolutely stunning.    

The monument is located on the southernmost part of the Point Loma peninsula, so it was very windy and we all had to bundle up (especially Makena and Lukas!) but the view from the Cabrillo monument statue was amazing, and there were plenty of sightseeing and other activities for us to enjoy while we were there.  We visited the Old Point Loma Lighthouse, which is over a hundred and fifty years old.  It San Diego - Point Loma Lighthous - Cabrillo National Monumentwas really interesting to see one of the oldest monuments in San Diego in person, especially because on the inside we were able to see how light keepers and their families actually lived in the 19th century. 

Besides the Old Point Loma Lighthouse, the peninsula also has a kelp forest and whale overlook exhibit, which was also beautiful.  There’s even a real whale spine that we walked by on our way to the exhibit.  Apparently whales are spotted pretty frequently this time of year, but we didn’t get to see any unfortunately.  But that definitely didn’t take away from the beauty of the coastline! Overall, spending New Year’s Eve at the monument was a huge success and I couldn’t have asked for a better day with Kari, Randon, Melissa, and Makenna

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