A Day in the Life: La Jolla REBA Caravan & Why You Should Buy During the Summer

La Jolla REBA

La Jolla REBAToday I spent some time with Amber Anderson to see what a day in the life of a top notch realtor looks like, and why summertime is the best time to buy. First, we stop by the weekly La Jolla REBA pitch session, where we meet with the top realtors in the area. At each meeting, all the newest listings are shared, making it an incredible resource for realtors. By getting herself up in front of 200 people in the business each week, Amber establishes herself as an active agent, not a passive one. 

Once La Jolla REBA wrapped up, we’re ready to head out and follow Amber along on the Caravan portion of the day. We drove over to a beautiful south facing property in the La Jolla Muirlands community and Amber dropped her first reason to buy in the summer: timing.


In the summer, the entire family has a more flexible schedule, which opens up time to really explore properties, tour houses and dive deep into the house hunt. Without school, after-school extracurriculars, and PTA meetings, there’s less stress and more time can be dedicated to finding the perfect place.

Our next stop is Windansea. As we drive along the winding, palm tree-lined streets of La Jolla, Amber tells us about her second reason why summer is prime buying time.

Prime Time

In the summer, people are more likely to be out and about, giving buyers the chance to really get a feel for the neighborhood. Families are able to get to know the people and the culture of a neighborhood by being exposed to summertime life, fourth of July picnics, and cul-de-sac hangouts. This gives buyers the chance to imagine themselves in a new community and environment and judge whether or not it is the perfect fit. 

Amber’s third and final reason for buying in the summer is the high summer inventory.

High Inventory

Generally, there are more houses on the market during the summer months because houses show better and people have more time to be involved in the entire process. This gives buyers a larger variety to chose from, increasing the chances of finding their dream home. In the summer months, houses that are not usually be on the market may be available as vacation rentals, so the options are even greater. 

After checking out all those properties and learning from Amber, we were all hungry (and maybe a little hangry) so we stop by Cafe La Rue at the Valencia Hotel in Downtown La Jolla.

What a day well spent! Hopefully Amber’s tips come in handy for anyone hunting for the perfect home.

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