Using Video to Capture Lifestyle Unique to Properties

I’ve been able to use David Moya and his team for several properties throughout the county, specifically our bay front property in Pacific Beach. We also have an incredible triplex that’s ocean front in Carlsbad, in the village, and also I’m listing a winery up in North County as well.

We’re able to capture the neighborhood and lifestyle qualities unique to those properties. The video is able to give us a perspective overhead, as well as through the lifestyle and through the area demographics, et cetera. And so we were very excited to use David and his services because it’s elevated through Pacific Sotheby’s and our demand for video and providing video to our clients. We’re able to deliver a high-quality product that is really quite frankly second to none. The client’s reactions is phenomenal.

When my clients who have multiple properties that I’ve done business with for the past 15 years saw the video, it really captured the high level of marketing we’re able to provide, not only in Sotheby’s, but through David’s services. And with both of those partnerships, we’re able to impress not only our clients, but also the other agents in town. And so when we’re able to showcase a property with the video and deliver it to an agent, they actually have a higher quality marketing tool that they’re providing to their buyers and sellers as well as a result of our production. So we’re very, very excited, and I want to thank David for providing that high level of service.