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San Diego - Coastal Solana Beach - Lomas Santa Fe Golf Course (IG) (1)

Coastal Solana Beach is a Tight-Knit City Offering Top Rated Schools, Beaches & Entertainment

Solana Beach is the definition of a bustling, luxurious coastal city.  Featuring the Cedros Design District, various popular beaches, a train station, and an abundance of top rated shopping and dining centers, Solana Beach is nothing short of a municipal utopia.  The city’s residents also have access to some of the top rated schools in […]

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BTS: Direct Beach Access at Del Mar Beach Club in Solana Beach

Direct Beach Access  & Ocean Views at Del Mar Beach Club in Solana Beach All right. Today, we’re in Del Mar, California. We are actually in Solana Beach, I mean. We’re kind of split right in between. We’re at a condo in Solana Beach at Del Mar Beach Club. We had Cody out here flying […]

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BTS: Real Estate Agent Partners with Innovative Non-Profit La Jolla CA

This video was produced and edited by local high schooler Santiago Benito. The Carmel Valley Life team had the opportunity to go to a great event, which was about getting a non-profit and a company like Sotheby’s together to host a successful event to bring awareness about new advances in the medical world. Amber Anderson, […]

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