RAW 10 (E3): Reading for Entrepreneurs | Paradoxical Intent | Creating Content

Welcome to another episode of RAW 10. I’m your host, David Moya, and I am driving to La Jolla currently…La Jolla, California. We’re filming a property there in La Jolla. It’s a little bit of an overcast day here, or not overcast really, there’s fog. It’s like a… It’s not even a marine layer. I wish I could show you but then I’d have to cut this video.


Three things that came to mind today is number one: reading for entrepreneurs. I’m reading this book currently. It’s called the “Quantum Success.”  I love to read. I think I’ve mentioned that before, and I think and I feel and I believe that reading for entrepreneurs actually has given me such an escape.  Also, it’s an investment in myself.

IMG_8819I’m learning things I would have not learned otherwise. So, for me, reading for entrepreneurs is by far one of the best things to do as a person looking for continuous growth. What it does is allows you to grow, right? So your mind can take you places when you’re reading that you can’t go there physically, and so you naturally expand and you grow. You get to know different cultures, you get to understand different ideas and perspectives, and then you can make a conclusion on what you believe or don’t believe about certain books that you read.

I tend to read a lot of what is categorized as “self-help,” but I don’t really consider it as a self-help book. I think it’s more of a self-discovery type of reading, where you discover new things about yourself, new ideas that, if they resonate with you and you can actually embrace them, you’ll naturally expand. It’s all about expanding, evolving and enlightening, right? That’s just kind of my modo…expand, enlighten and evolve.

So, reading, it’s important. Do it. Find some time. Like I mentioned before, I have strategically placed books throughout the house. I have one in the car, one next to my bed, and then one…you probably guess where, next to the toilet in the bathroom. I’m not ashamed of that. I think that’s a great idea. I might end up staying in the bathroom a little longer than I would have otherwise, but it’s still a great opportunity to just grab the book. And even if you read a sentence or two, it can can lift your spirits, it can change your perspective for that day, and totally shift your mindset into a brighter direction.

reading for entrepreneurs Paradoxical Intent

Number two.  There’s a part in the book that I really enjoyed.  I might dissect that entire book in another RAW 10, but for this specific idea let’s talk about paradoxical intent, the law of paradoxical intent.  Essentially it’s saying, when you want something so bad, you keep expressing this energy of lack.  And the Universe will continue to send you experiences that perpetuate the feeling of lack or not yet having what you want.

So how do you get what you want?  Express your desire, live as though you already are the person you need to be to have what you want, and then…LET IT GO.  And then go about your day working confidently.  Work and do all your activities as though what you want is here.  Watch as miracles will manifest in your life.

“You can enjoy your life now as you work towards having more of what you want in your life.”  This also resonated with me and opened my eyes to some of my negative behaviors.  I realized that most of my sorrows came from not allowing myself to be happy where I am today. I’ve always been a seeker and someone who aspires for something more…greater things in life. But what I realized was that almost 100% of times when I would succeed at anything, it was because I wanted it but I also maintained an energy of having it already in the present moment (no sense of lack). The key is that I let go of the need to have something in order to be happy. I guess that’s why they call it a paradox…because in order to get something, you have to want it but simultaneously let go of it and accept that having whatever it is you want doesn’t determine who you are and what value you best mobile casinos bring to this world.  Live with the motto, “I don’t really need whatever it is I want in order to be whoever I want because who I am is much more than what I have.”  And boom, it shows up in your life!

But there’s like this balance and I’m still figuring it out because there’s a lot of things that I’m still wanting to manifest in my life and to create in my life. So it’s just a matter of figuring out, you know, the ebb and flow. You have to get there first mentally and energetically through gratitude. In fact, gratitude was a big part of the conclusion of that chapter. Gratitude basically is our greatest connect to God, to the Source.  By expressing gratitude you release and you let it go.

reading for entrepreneurs So, I’m a big believer in aspiring for greatness & growth. That’s part of life. That’s in nature, our nature too. That’s built into us as as evolving humans. However, we have to get there first mentally, emotionally, energetically, and we get there by expressing gratitude for where we are today and by not needing something or someone to be happy.


I think that’s a lot like when you’re attracted to another person and you’re trying to court them. You’re trying to go out with them on a date.  You can’t give off this energy of, “I need you,” with a sense of insecurity or neediness because then that sends out the energy of lack.

So if someone looks too desperate, then well, that’s not too attractive. And so you’re more likely to repel the person you’re after because you’re not exuding the sense of confidence which is much more attractive.

Creating Content

So, last thing is, if you are in any type of business, you need to be creating content. I believe we’re all content creators, and we do it whether we know it or not. I’m creating content as we speak. Hopefully, you know, it is something that connects with you and you’re able to to learn something. But at the end of the day is we are all content creators. What kind of content are you creating? Is it making the world a better place? Are you enjoying life? Are you doing it to enjoy the process, to enjoy the journey? If so, great. Keep giving that content, keep pushing it out. And as always, you guys have a great day. Thanks for watching.