RAW 10 (E1): Disappointing People | Facebook Live for Real Estate | Having a Kid


Welcome to RAW 10

Heading out to La Jolla, Californa and I thought I’d do an entry here. Lots to think about. I’m trying to figure out exactly what I want to do with this part of the day. I’m heading to do some Facebook Live for Real Estate with some agents. I’m excited about that. It’s kind of, that’s a cool part of what I get to do. And then also I have my baby coming and there’s a lot of things that I feel as a person, as an entrepreneur, as a spiritual person as well, like there’s a lot of things that are going on in my mind right now. And then as well as personal growth. So maybe just those three, huh? I kinda forgot what the three were already but…

Facebook Live for Real EstateHaving a Kid

All right, so let’s start with baby coming. Personal growth. Yeah, because I have a baby coming, I feel like I need to get really clear about who I am, what I stand for, what principles I live by and I think that’s great because that is what you kind of pass on to your kids, you know? And that’s something that’s got longevity. You can get, you can kind of…I don’t know how to explain it…you don’t really get to pass on much, right? Because everybody has their own journey here and everybody has their own likes and dislikes and so ultimately your child is gonna have their own choices to make. But I think living with certain principles…like for example, challenges, right, so how do you teach a child how to overcome challenges? And that is I think by setting up principles where when you come across a challenge, what is it that you do? How do you overcome that? What kind of emotions do you listen to to overcome that, right?

And so I’ve recently gone through some challenges myself and it really comes to my mind really quick, like, I’m gonna have a kid and how I react to this is gonna transfer to my child. It has to. I mean, they’re gonna be around me all the time. They’re gonna feel my energy both in the house and away. So I mean, they’re my kid, right? So they’re always going to…I really need to get an official iPhone holder there for my phone, that way when I drive it doesn’t keep falling. Anyway until then, you’ll have to deal with my little rants while the phone falls every once in a while. So that was my main thought on that. It’s like, I really need to develop the principles that I live by and I feel like I live by them but they’re not really clear, right? They’re not written down and they’re not really clear so that’s something that I want to do. Get real clear on that, have that written out somewhere and, you know, like I said, the example of…the principle of when you hit a challenge, when you hit an obstacle, what do you do? How do you react, right? That creates a certainty and every human being craves and needs some level of certainty. So that meets my needs as needing something certain in my life, something I can control. So I might not be able to control a situation but I can control how I react. First of all. Number one.

Facebook Live for Real EstateDisappointing People

And then the second thing was…I’m going to La Jolla to talk about business. Man, short-term memory loss. Not good. Whoa. Car almost hit me, come on. Come on now. Okay. Oh, the other thing that…regarding business is I feel like I hit this little pocket of energy and I need to work through it. It has to do with me disappointing people, me trying to please people. And this came to my mind when it was very hard for me to express and communicate to two individuals something that I was very disappointed about. It was an error and the other, it was an error in work and then the other one was pretty much just like this isn’t gonna happen the way I thought it would. My apologies for not being present on this special event of yours. And so one, letting down not only a friend but a client. Horrible feeling for me. And it’s been really tough for me to express. And I thought, man, why is that? Like, I have to forgive myself, right? I’m obviously disappointed in myself as well, but it was like a human error and so I have to just forgive myself and then move past that. But there was just this resistance because it was like now I have to live up to a certain level of perfection and I’m not perfect and there’s an element of human error, so I have to take that into consideration a lot. Give myself that space and not be so perfect and just make it up to them in different ways. And I just thought, “Man, there’s always this common theme,” and so I thought, “Man, this must be something I need to work through,” having to please people and not being able to confront people when there’s a disappointment involved or when there’s like this feeling of a letdown, right? I let you down. Which nobody likes to let anybody down, but still I felt like mine was a little bit too much. Like, there needs to be a healthier process than that. So that’s something that I’m working on, working with, and I feel like today I’m way better. Definitely healing that wound maybe that I have from a past, I don’t know. But anyway that’s…I don’t really like to dive into past and say like that’s a wound I have and I have to fix myself or something like that. That’s not about me. I’m more about, “Okay, what’s happening right now and how can I change that?” Right? Because if I go back too much into my past and blame some sort of a past thing, it’s not an empowering feeling. I’m attributing my current situation to something in the past that I can’t change so there’s this feeling of dis-empowerment. So I try not to focus on that too much. It’s more about what am I doing right now? How can I fix it, heal it real quick, change my state of mind, change my emotional state and make a difference? All right, so that’s two. And then three. Three…what was my third thing? I got 8 minutes, I want to do this under 10. Ten minutes, we can call this something ten. Ten Minute, Ten Minute Drive. Drive, drive, something like that. Oh, that’s awesome a biker…or a cyclist had watermelons in his basket, like three big ones.

Facebook Live for Real EstateFacebook Live for Real Estate

All right, I have a minute and a half. Third thing was, I am going to La Jolla to do Facebook Live for Real Estate. I love it. People ask me why do I do it. I tell them, “Because I love real estate and I love the agents and I love creating content. So that’s a perfect win-win for us. Create some exposure for the agent. I connect with the agent, bring them some value, get out there and meet people. That’s that’s where I thrive. I love being around current friends, developing new relationships. So that’s something that I’ve taken upon myself to do. I felt like that was a calling of mine. Like, hey, this is an opportunity and I want to do it. I don’t see anybody else doing it and try and just encourage the agents to do it as well because it’s definitely a good thing for them to do.

So anyway I don’t know what this is yet. This is gonna be 10 minutes of driving. I want to keep it under 10 minutes, maybe do 3 topics or whatever per drive. I still have a while to go to La Jolla but I figured this was a good opportunity. I’m glad I did it. I got 10 seconds. Have a great day. Thank you and make it a great day. Spread the love. Follow your passion. Live your dream today.