Personal Development: Why Ever Serious Entrepreneur Should Adopt a Dog

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Morning Mantra

“I AM always open to new ideas. When I look for the good in any situation, I always find it.” – David A. Moya

For me, being open to new ideas has always been a positive thing, especially as a serious entrepreneur.  Maybe it’s my personality.  Maybe its the idea of starting something new that excites me.  Whatever the case, having an open mind about ideas leads to being open about beliefs, and ultimately about how you live life.  For some it can be a scary thing because it means always having to check yourself and coming to terms with the fact that you’re always changing therefore nothing around you is ever the same.  One this is certain for me, having this type of “open” mentality towards Life has provided me with many opportunities, many of which I would have never come across had I stayed stuck on my ideas and beliefs.

In a Day of the Life

“Being excited about Life is our birthright & something we’re all born with!” – David A. Moya

Ever since I can remember I’ve always loved animals, especially dogs. I’ve been fortunate enough to have been surrounded by many wonderful dogs over my lifetime but two really stand out to me (at this point in my life).

Princess was my first rescue and was given to me by my aunt (of course only after my mom’s approval).  I was about 13 years old and Princess was only a puppy.  Right away she became more than just my dog, she was my family’s dog.  She road in the car with me and my two siblings on the way to school and she was a part of most our daily routines.  She always was walked and loved being the center of attention.  I eventually got to an age where I felt I needed to learn more about dogs, and how to properly care and train them. I purchased a dog training program and spent my entire summer at the park working with her.  It was during the quiet times, generally after a training session when Princess and I were alone, that I realized the deep bond that her and I shared.  She knew my facial expressions and could tell when I was happy or sad.  She had a wonderful way of comforting me during tough times and of course she new how to play so that always put a smile on my face.  When you’ve had a dog from the age of 13 to 30, it almost feels like that dog has always been a part of your life.  And in many ways, she’s still a part of our lives today.  Letting her go was one of the most sad & emotional experiences of my life.  Princess lived a wonderful life of 17 years.

Milo came into my life after my wife Kari tricked me into “stopping by” an adoption event close to our home in Carlsbad. Labs & More Rescue was holding an adoption event down the street and even though I was hesitant about the idea of having a dog – mainly because I felt I didn’t have the time to properly care for a dog – I went along with my wife’s idea of just “passing by.”  I have to say that I was also hesitant because I knew there’d be tons of dogs and I didn’t want to just take one home.  Did I mention I love dogs?  Haha.  Anyway, about 40mins into the adoption event, I saw Milo (aka “Frank”).  Now I had seen him before during the event but didn’t pay much attention to him because he was in the arms of a young lady and a few kids so I assumed he was already taken. But when I saw him again, I realized the young lady had a volunteer shirt on.  Kari and I quickly walked over to the young lady to find out more about Milo.  We also realized something about his nature, he was so loving and a big “cuddle bug” (as my wife puts it), that he didn’t want to leave the loving arms of the volunteer. It was weird because after I new he was still available for adoption, I knew he was the dog for us.  Maybe a six sense or something but I just knew.  Almost three years later, he’s an amazing dog & still teaches me something almost everyday.

Why do I say that ever serious entrepreneur needs a dog?  For a few reasons:

  •  Your Dog is Your Mirror:  you don’t have to watch Dog Whisper (even though I do recommend it) to know that a dog takes on your energy, especially if you’re the handler.  Learning this was very revealing to me because this meant a handler can not be fake.  In other words, if I put up a calm & confident face without any genuine and real sense of calmness, Milo will call me out on it.  Literally!
    • Your energy speaks louder than your words or your facial expressions.
  • A Dog has a Great Return on Investment (ROI):  even though your dog looks cute in your Christmas card, a dog is more than just an accessory.  Yes you have to feed, play, exercise and bond with your dog in order to have a healthy and loving dog, but what you get back is much more valuable than the money you invest in your family’s pet. In my experience, I realized that I needed the walks more than he did.  I needed the moments of proud accomplishment after getting Milo to respond correctly to a command.  I needed the moments when he would interrupt me during a phone call to pet him.  He gave me the gift of being present.
    •  A dog has a way of reminding you about the things that truly matter.
  • The Time You Give, Returns to You in Years of Adventure:  initially I was hesitant about getting a dog because I felt I had no time (especially as an aspiring & serious entrepreneur).  However, what I quickly learned was that getting a dog (and properly caring for him) provided me with many more opportunities for adventure.  Milo pushed me out of my comfort zone and changed up my routine!  For example, I have been able to ride my bike along the beach during sunset even though I can always make up the excuse that there’s work to do (as a serious entrepreneur there’s always work to do).  In many ways, Milo has helped me live a much more dynamic life, filled with memorable moments
    • A great life is made up of small memorable moments.
  • Training a Dog Means Training You:  during training I realized that dogs get blamed for a lot of things that are really the handlers’/owners’ fault.  This made me self-reflect (again).  What thoughts, ideas, habits & programing do I have that is contributing to the negative results I may be experiencing in my life? How many things in my life am I blaming someone else for when I am the one responsible?  Seeing Milo progress through training helped me to stay hopeful & positive that anyone can  “re-program” themselves, so to speak, and in so doing, change their lives.
  • With a Dog, You’re Never Alone:   have you ever seen the movie “I am Legend?”  There’s a reason why Will Smith lived as long as he did and maintained his sanity even without real human interaction.  Granted this movie is fictional, you can’t help but sympathize with the character and yet feel comforted knowing he at least has his dog.  Many times I’ve been comforted by a dog.  When I’m working late at night, Milo often comes to my desk and lays his head on my lap.  After I pet him, he finds a cozy spot next to my feet and waits patiently for me to finish my work.
    • There’s something very spiritual and unique about a bond between a dog and his owner.

Milo still in training at Markim Pet Resort but I have to say he’s one of the best dogs I know.  Sure he has some things he’s still working on but don’t we all???

Now, what I’m sharing has been my experience with my dog.  Of course experiences will vary but one truth will remain: a dog’s love is a lesson to all humans on how to truly love unconditionally.


“I AM grateful for my youthful spirit that is playful, and curious abut Life regardless of my age” – David A. Moya

We all get older.  We all die.  This physical body will eventually decay and return to the earth.  However, your Sprit, which is ageless, timeless and eternal, will never die and instead will return to its Source.  (Well, that’s what I believe as a serious entrepreneur).  So, how do I remain youthful amidst this process of aging? I think having a playful, and curious Spirit goes a long way.  I’m not quite sure how one enjoys life any other way.  Stay young, stay curious, and be playful.

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