Unboxing the Daily Greatness Journal for Business Owners

SAVERS.  If you’ve been following our Kauai, HI vlog, you probably know about SAVERS.  If not, it is simply a unique acronym that stands for: Silence, Affirmations, Visualization, Exercise, Reading, and Scribe.  My friend Randon Guerpo taught me this on our recent trip to Kauai.  It’s now part of my morning routine and translates into the following for me:

  • Silence: Mediation/Prayer
  • Affirmations: Claiming, Affirming and Listening to Your Desired Affirmations
  • Visualization: Visualizing Your Goals/Dreams
  • Exercise: Getting Exercise to Start Your Day
  • Reading: Read to Grow
  • Scribe: Journaling for Expression & Accountability

As part of the “Scribe” or Journaling element, I have begun to utilize the Daily Greatness Journal.  It’s is truly a remarkable journal for business owners.

Below is the unboxing of this journal.  I plan to create another video about the journal in detail but until I figure it out myself, you’ll have to rely on some of your own research.  Best of luck!

So we are about to unbox this journal that my wife, Kari, got me. She’s over there feeding Makena right now. But basically it’s like this journal here that I have that Kari got me last year. It’s called “A Daily Greatness Journal: A Practical Guide For Consciously Creating Your Days.”  I have really enjoyed it. It is broken up into really understandable charts and diagrams.  It is really well thought out and it allowed me to keep in line with my goals. It’s kind of a schedule as well but I never really used it as a schedule, I used it more as a journal. Most of my scheduling’s on Google Calendar.

It’s broken up into sections – so you can see the colors here. It’s broken up into four quarters, for the four quarters of the year. I liked the monthly check-ins, the weekly check-ins, the quarterly check-ins. You basically can go back, take a look at your statement, your why statements and why you do what you do, why you have the goals that you have.

And then Kari showed me this and said, “You know, that really looks good too.” The main difference, I think, is that it’s a business version of this but still has a lot of the same personal journal elements.

So we’re gonna open that up and see what it looks like. This is cool by the way, really cool early Christmas gift. The journal is put together by Dreaming Room Publishing and was about $50. It was delivered to our house pretty quickly. It’s published in recycled paper which is good & speaks to me as an environmentalist.


All right, so here’s what it looks like. Both journals look very similar. This is last year’s and this is this year’s.  I’m obviously gonna just do one because having two might be too time consuming, but.  It looks lie it’s made from really good material (long lasting). I’ll keep it and maybe go back to it and reference it in the future. The business journal has great little design and feel.  Looks like it’s broken up into quarters again.

I love they have quotes throughout the book strategically placed within the book to keep you motivated.  For example this one says, “The Thoughts We Think Equal The Results We Get.” And then more quotes and then page one of your business plan, then the business plan model canvas, your business go planner. Looks like it’s broken down into leadership and management, team and staff, systems and processes, finances and so on and so on.

I have to really go through this and kind of figure out a strategy. Here’s a calendar for entire year. I’m sure there’s specific things I have to input in all these days, in all these slots here.

Maybe I’ll do another follow-up video as soon as I figure out what everything means. Here’s my business plan. Super cool. Look at that, looks like a business model canvas, activities, key activities, value, propositions, key resources. Oh and it had the social media planner, right, scheduler, which I really wanted because we have a ton of content that we need to put out and it’s nice to have it organized.

If you guys hear some sucking in the background, that’s Makena, she’s being fed. Got some random suckling sound in the background.

Expansion strategy, that’s cool. Perfect timing for me. Social media strategy here. Here it is. That’s cool. Budgets. Looks like it’s a 90 day business challenge. It’s okay. And then it gets broken up into days, weeks, that whole bit. Anyway, I’ll do a little follow-up after this once I get to know a little bit more about this planner, scheduler. So stay tuned guys. Thanks for watching this. Again, it’s called “Daily Greatness Business Planner: An Actionable Plan for Expanding Your mind and Exploding Your Business”. So stay tuned and I’ll kind of dissect this next time, okay? Thanks guys.

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