Two Things that Keep Me Moving Forward in a Positive State

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“I AM selective when choosing the thoughts I identify with & project out into the world because I know that what I send out always returns to me.” – David A. Moya

I’m trying to record a few of my thoughts as I write my book.  I don’t know.  I ultimately want to write a book, but I’m not saying this is part of my book.  Maybe it is.  Who knows? It’s really important, I feel like, for me to have found some things that really help me to keep moving forward in a positive state & to tap into my creativity or to tap into something more positive when I’m in a not so positive mood. When I’m down, or when I’m negative, or I’m not feeling really what I’m doing, because that happens from time to time, believe it or not.

They’re two things that really help bring me to keep moving forward in a positive state, back to feeling alive, feeling like I’m doing something.  It’s funny. They all have to do with motion.

  1. The first one is BASKETBALL. Not necessarily playing but at least going to a basketball court or a hoop and just shooting around.  Just by myself, nobody else. Just relaxed.  Being there, shooting is very therapeutic for me.  It’s actually more therapeutic than the second thing I’m going to mention.  Maybe because I’ve been doing it ever since I was a little kid or ever since I got a hoop, which was, I think, 6th grade.  Basketball, just shooting around. Being in motion allows my blood to flow and just to be in the moment versus being all in my head. That is one.
  2. Two is DRIVING.  Driving is huge for me.  Whenever I’m, again, feeling down, or just feeling in a funk, or I’m just stagnant, I drive.  Taking a drive taps into my drive, if that makes sense.  I’m able to think, I feel like I’m in motion.  Going somewhere gives me that positive feeling of moving forward. I don’t know. Something about it, especially along the 101on the beach with Milo, just windows down, taking in that fresh, coastal breeze really helps me to re-center myself.  Think about what really’s important to me, what to take off my plate, what to put on my plate, and the direction I want to take the company.

Those are my two things. I hope you enjoyed that. Hope that makes sense. Two things. Basketball, shooting around, hoops. Then two is taking a drive. Those two are most important & most effective for me.  They help me to get through some funk to keep moving forward in a positive state.

It’s important for an entrepreneur, and quite frankly anyone, to know what activities can help bring him or herself into better states of mind.  It’s a it’s tool everyone should have in their toolbox.

What helps you power through the tough times?  What methods do you use to get yourself out of a funk? Comment below, we’d love to hear from you!

Thanks for reading…thanks for watching!


“I AM grateful for the way our team always works together in cooperative effort to accomplish the task at hand” – David A. Moya

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