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Personal Development: Why Ever Serious Entrepreneur Should Adopt a Dog

Morning Mantra “I AM always open to new ideas. When I look for the good in any situation, I always find it.” – David A. Moya For me, being open to new ideas has always been a positive thing, especially as a serious entrepreneur.  Maybe it’s my personality.  Maybe its the idea of starting something […]

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Be Like Water: Calm, Steady & Resilient

Morning Mantra “I AM like water – I flow around any challenge and with persistence (one drop at a time) I accomplish my goal.” – David A. Moya Be Like Water. Water is one badass organic chemical formula.  It is both gentle and powerful at the same time.  It can sustain and nourish man, yet […]

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Letting Go of the Need to Prove Yourself to the World

Morning Mantra “I AM aware of the power I have to consciously decide how I react in any situation and I use this power to bring about more happiness, prosperity & health” – David A. Moya So often we respond or act out of habit to just about every situation. Actually, who am I kidding? We’re so […]

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