RAW 10 (E2): Morning Routines | Setting Expectations | Focusing on What You Want

All right, so welcome back to another episode, Episode 2, of RAW 10. So, what do I want to talk about today as I drive to my appointment? Let’s talk about setting…Well let’s do this chronologically. So morning rituals and morning routines. So the importance of a morning ritual, or the importance of a morning routine, before you actually start working. And then two, what was it? Setting boundaries with clients’ expectations. That includes boundaries, meaning you obviously are always going far and beyond for the client, but you also want to be conscious of self-respect. Okay, so all that. And then my other thing is, focusing on what you want.

Morning Routines

All right, so morning ritual. Today I got up early, and I’m actually trying to see if I can do 5:30. And I went to the beach, I did yoga, then I went to the gym for about 45 minutes, and I love it. I love it, love it, love it, loved it for many reasons. One, it helped me to start off my day feeling accomplished versus like trying to catch up to the day, which is what I felt some of the times during my day. And two, just gave me that extra energy. It’s supposed to help with my metabolism as I get older, to get a little maybe more important. And I loved to being in nature, being on the beach, meditating, and doing yoga.

IMG_8572All right, so that’s important for me. I think if it works for you, great. If you’re not a morning person, and you will stay up all night being creative, being in your flow, then that’s different, right? Everyone’s a little different. But for me, I’m a morning person. I was for a long time and then at some point I got off track. I don’t know how. Maybe it was when I was doing a lot of editing at night and I easily became a night owl, very quickly.

Now, I’m trying to go back, just because I feel much more accomplished, and I can accomplish a lot more in the morning. So like today, I don’t have to work out any more. It’s 5:00 O’clock, and I have an appointment. I’m not worried about it like, “Oh what time is my appointment gonna be done because I need to get back and go work out.” The good thing is also, is I play basketball twice a week, and in the evening. So now it’s gonna free up my evenings, so I don’t have to be like trying to rush, or trying to do both.

So it starts you off right, you feel good, you get going from early morning, and go into the day with momentum. So one of the most important things is the momentum that it carries with you throughout the day which you start with morning routines.

IMG_9591Setting Expectations

Two, boundaries, and three is focusing on what you want. So two, boundaries, expectations. Setting expectations and boundaries with your clients. I, especially in the beginning, I was very much about like doing as much as possible just to make the client happy. But that can be pretty dangerous, especially if you’re trying to grow, and you’re trying to scale, because you can’t expect your work, or your employees, or contractors, to do that day in, day out. They have to have like clear expectations, clear guidelines, and boundaries. So your team can say no when they need to, and say yes when they need to, as opposed to always saying yes. It doesn’t create that professional relationship that I feel you need to have.

So obviously you can speak with any of our clients. We always go way beyond the expectations and all that. So we always put in an extra effort in work. However, we’re learning, and I’m learning, to create expectations and boundaries early on, so that way we can refer to them throughout the relationship, throughout the transaction. And there’s not like, “Oh, what should I do? How should I do this?” And that way, again, so you could scale that out, and you’re not working 48 hours every day. Because a lot of times that’s what I would feel like when the expectations weren’t clear, and my having to explain myself over and over. If all that is up front, you don’t really have to worry about that, you’re good to go.

IMG_9621Focusing on What You Want

All right. Third thing is, focusing on what you want. A lot of times you can get caught up in worrying about what’s not happening correctly, what’s not happening right, or the timing, or maybe one client you really were hoping you would work with, and then for some reason something happens. So you can easily spiral into this negative momentum, and that’s… Earlier in this video, I talked about momentum in the morning. Well, if you’re focused on what you don’t want, and you continue to do that, you’re gonna create momentum to push you in the direction you don’t want to go. So what do I do? It’s, I focus on what I want.

It’s similar to when you are driving a car and, let’s say you hydroplane, right? So what do you do? You don’t have much control, but what ends up happening, as what I’m told, what I’ve heard, is that…

So what I’m told…Sorry, I had to recut that because I had a call. I gotta put, “Do not disturb.”

What happens is, it’s similar to when you’re in a car, and you lose control, and you’re trying to redirect the car, you can end up actually crashing into the direction that you don’t want to crash, because you’re looking at where you don’t want to go. And so what happens is you end up going where you don’t want to go, versus looking in the direction where you do want to go, and turning at the same time, and not focusing on where you might be headed, and with momentum at that point. But refocusing, redirecting your vision, your line of sight, to where you want to go. That way eventually the car will…Actually the car will eventually adjust, and then it catches its traction again, and direct you in the direction that you want to go, the direction you’re looking. So that’s kind of how I thought about explaining that part. So focus on where you do want to go. That’s important.


I have to recap real quick. Morning routines, morning rituals. It’s super important to get yours started right. And two, set expectations and boundaries with your clients early on as well. And three is focus on what you want, focus on where you want to go, not necessarily where you’re going currently, what’s going on around you. Maybe there’s some negativity, maybe there’s something that’s going on that you don’t like. So don’t focus on that. Focus on what you do want.

All right. Until next time guys. Thanks.