New Rancho Santa Fe Spanish Contemporary Boasts Brilliant Design & Privacy

I have the opportunity to visit the Pacific Sotheby’s International Realty Office in Del Mar. There I was able to meet several of my current clients as well as prospective clients and to discuss projects. I met with an agent by the name of Linda Lederer. We spent about an hour or so discussing her upcoming project, her “about me” project. Basically it’s a video discussing who she is, what she does and really highlighting her personality, her marketing, her professionalism and anything that she feels she really wants to convey in this real estate video. We discussed filming several locations, several communities as well as getting testimonials what not, and we’re planning on putting all of that into her final video. And we also talked about potential shot lists, what we’re going to do in the film, what times of days, what days and so on.

That was my main meeting, that was my main project there. However I ran into several clients and discussed new projects, more profile videos. They are called “About me” videos, property videos, community videos, destination videos. We really just talked about several different options that real estate agents have as professionals. What realtors have at their disposal to help market who they are and their inventory. One friend and client that I ran into and we actually ended up talking for a very long time is Ryan Dalzell from the Dalzell Group Real Estate. Ryan and I actually have been long term friends, and we sat and talked about projects that his company currently have in the works, including several new constructions that they are building throughout San Diego. The Dalzell Group have been very successful in their projects during the last five years and have really tapped into a lot of opportunities that they provide their investors and clients.

Ryan invited me to one of their properties in Rancho Santa Fe that is a new construction and it’s a Spanish contemporary property. Ryan decided to go look at it with me and we ended up spending about a good hour at the property talking about different aspects of the home that we wanted to highlight, the unique features within the home. I really, really liked this Rancho Santa Fe Spanish contemporary. It had an 8-car garage, 20 foot ceilings, a wonderful entrance with water features, wonderful large back yard, great interior spaces with really no hallways. It has a lot of open spaces from bedrooms to great rooms, to guest suites and so on. Ryan, his team, and his family do a phenomenal job at creating these unique homes with unique flavor.

Now, though this house is not yet built out completely as it’s still being worked on, it has already captured my interest and has ignited my excitement about filming this Rancho Santa Fe Contemporary property. My team and I are looking forward to the completion of it as it will be an amazing opportunity just to film such a great property. So, I’m excited for it and our entire team is really looking forward to filming it.

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