Facebook Live | La Jolla Real Estate | Bird Rock Beauty & La Jolla Oceanfront Home

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David: All right so I am at another listing today on caravan. You might not be able to hear me too well because I am next to a busy street walking up to the place but. Amazing property. We actually filmed this property. Didn’t do a Facebook live last time, so I really wanted to do it this time. So let’s check this place out here. Got one person. Hey, Ryan.

Ryan: Hey, David.

David: This is Ryan Pierce.

Ryan: Ryan Pearson.

David: All right. Pearson.

Ryan: Yep.

David: All right, nice to meet you, man, again in person.

Ryan: Yes.

David: So you run, or you help run the….

Ryan: lajollaagent.com website and…

David: Nice.

Ryan: We’ve been doing real estate in La Jolla for a long time now, over 15 years, and…

David: Nice. Nice.

Ryan: This is one of our newest listings.

David: Cool.

Ryan: 1624 Torrey Pines right here near the village of La Jolla.

David: Nice, so this actually is the property, a property we filmed maybe about a few weeks ago. So if you watch our videos and you watch our feed, then you have seen this property. If not, go out and check it out. videosalesrealestate.com or lajollaagent.com.

Ryan: Yeah. We actually have a custom URL, which your video is right at the top of the page.

David: Nice.

Ryan: Because it’s really nice.

David: What’s the…

Ryan: It’s 1624torreypines.com.

David: Nice. Okay.

Ryan: Yeah. So that’s just the address as the URL.

David: So, go check it out. Our buddies Ryan and Tracy are the agents on that listing and, of course, this Ryan is helping us out today. Checking out the specs on the home. But take a look at the main selling feature here is just this unobstructed view oceanfront here. Beautiful large windows that just show the property so well. I mean, you come out here and look at what you see. It’s gorgeous. People snorkeling down there. Whitewater… Really?

Ryan: Yeah.

David: Okay We’re back. It says my connection is weak, but we’re back. All right, so hopefully, you guys saw a little bit of that. Ryan, is there a good place, maybe some good reception that we can take a look? Maybe upstairs?

Ryan: Yeah, upstairs. You get the master bedroom. Great view.

David: Nice. Let’s go check it out.

Ryan: Yeah.

David: Check it out. Ryan is gonna give us a quick little tour here today. All right.

Ryan: Yeah. Yeah.

David: Nice.

Ryan: Not too shabby. Wednesday morning looking at these views. The owner was telling us about how he watches the hawks go down and fish. Just dive bomb into the water and…

David: Really?

Ryan: They come up on that tree right there. The hawks will come up and eat their fish and then…

David: That’s beautiful.

Ryan: When they’re done eating, they’ll drop the fish’s carcass down [inaudible 00:02:53]

David: Down there?

Ryan: It’s funny.

David: Down there, no way.

Ryan: Sometimes you can see it on the balcony.

David: Oh right, right, right that deck down there.

Ryan: This is a great view. You get like the sharks coming through here and everyone’s out there kayaking. Trying to see some Garibaldi or [inaudible 00:03:07].

David: Yeah you get a nice view of the cove.

Ryan: Yeah, you got the cove right there. Hiking trail. That boat out there has a dive team on it.

David: Oh nice. Yeah, so this house has some amazing views. Lifestyle is a nice one, to say the least. And you do have that, what’s that called? The La Jolla trails.

Ryan: Yeah.

David: That takes you all the way to the village right?

Ryan: [inaudible 00:03:34] water parks too. Water park. Yeah just [inaudible 00:03:39] scuba diving. You got all these kayakers and power boarders and wrap around to the children’s pool, and they have live concerts right over there. You can walk to the village. Great shopping.

David: Nice.

Ryan: Eating. It’s a nice place to be.

David: Beautiful. Can we take a peek at the master?

Ryan: Yeah.

David: This is a rare opportunity. Right? This, getting this, buying this property?

Ryan: Yeah, it is owner occupied, so it’s nice that we could get you in here.

David: Yeah, it’s fantastic.

Ryan: Master has the nice high ceilings. [inaudible 00:04:20]

David: Nice.

Ryan: It’s really awesome. And then you have the master bedroom, or bathroom in through that door. I don’t know why it’s closed right now.

David: No worries. Makes for more of a dramatic…

Ryan: Yeah. Secret reveal.

David: Yeah, that’s right. That’s nice, man. Hey, dude?

Ryan: Yeah

David: Did we miss…? Oh, you have the…that cool little studio down there.

Ryan: Yeah, if you want to check out the guest suite, it’s right off the kitchen. It actually has a private entrance or just a separate entrance from the entire…

David: Hopefully we don’t lose reception, though. Right?

Ryan: Right, it’s a hit or miss down here on the bottom.

David: Tough. Oh, I actually really like this. Check this out. I like the…

Ryan: Yeah right on the main…

David: Yeah, next time we will have to hook up on the… See if we can show you this room here. It’s connected or you can actually open the doors out to an office, which gives you amazing views again. Yep, do a little work right here, Boom, boom, boom, while you’re looking at the view. It’s great. I mean, we’ll take a chance. Let’s see if we can go down there and keep reception.

Ryan: Yeah. It’s worth a look. [Inaudible 00:05:42] all the bedrooms in this house. You’d be waking up with just panoramic ocean views. You can’t get… When you’re staying here.

David: Right, right, right, right. Because every room pretty much has ocean view right?

Ryan: Well, yeah. Catch the sunset at night. It’s kind of the Northern, Northwestern view. So you catch the tip of the sunset. And then the colors at night are just amazing. You get that nice orange.

David: There you go.

Ryan: [Inaudible 00:06:09]

David: All right, so we can’t make it up to…down, I should say, down to the studio guest unit, which is really one of my favorite spots, too. So if you wanna check it out, go to either www.videosalesrealestate.com or…

Ryan: www.1624torreypines.com or www.lajollaagent.com

David: Yeah, so you have lots of options to check this out. Hey, Hector. Hector says he’ll take two, of course. This is a beautiful home today. So thanks again, Ryan. And again, check this home out, the video. It’s a great property. I love the lifestyle it affords. Really close to everything so.

Ryan: Yep.

David: Yeah, yeah. Thanks again, Ryan. And for the Ryan and Tracy that aren’t here, I wanna say hi to them.

Ryan: Yeah.

David: Give them a shout out.

Ryan: I’ll tell them that you stopped by.

David: Yeah, please do, man. Appreciate it. Thanks.

Ryan: I was happy to help. Thanks for having us.