Daily Vlog #2: Mind Success is Like a Garden | Entertain, Educate & Inspire


All right, so this is day two, vlog day two here. Pretty excited about what I wanted to chat with you about.


  1. Your Mind Success is Like a Garden
  2. Computers for Editing Videos
  3. Create Content that Educates, Entertains and Inspires

Three things I want to talk about, one is how your mind is like a garden. I hear it all the time, and I hear people use this analogy too. And I believe it 100%. It’s kinda stuck with me just because I really enjoy being outdoors in nature so it really makes sense to me, and really resonates with me.

San Diego - La Jolla - Coastal Trail - Mind SucessAnd the other thing is, I’m trying to find a computer right now so that I can edit on when I need to.  Even though I’m primarily not editing nowadays, I’d like to be able to edit projects when I need to as a back up and so I I can do some on my own, so I can stay in the game.  I’ve been researching and searching for the right computer lately. 

And then the last thing is what I heard today from Gary V. (aka Gary Vaynerchuk) on his podcast today. I’ve been following him a lot lately and I love his stuff – I really appreciate the information he’s putting out there, and all his content. And then I really just resonate with a lot of what he’s saying…not everything, but mostly everything. And obviously he always says, “Hey, don’t take my word for it, do what feels right for you and what makes sense for you.” So for me, that itself resonates with me, because I like that, when people tell you, “Hey, not everything I say is gonna work for you, and there might be things that you want to do differently.”  This allows you to empower yourself versus be solely lead by others. 

Your Mind Success is Like a Garden

San Diego - Carlsbad - Mind SuccessThe mind (mind success) is like a garden, and you should take out any kind of weeds (negative thoughts or beliefs) or it can ruin your garden (mind). You should uproot and disempowering beliefs that are not going to create the energy that you want to have with you as you go throughout the day – as you work, as you grind in your skill, in your work, and at your job.  So whenever I start to think negatively, I think to myself, “Okay, what is it that I’m planting? What kind of fruit will I have? What are my fruits of labor in the future?” And if I’m planting and continue to replant negative thoughts, and then I allow these weeds to grow, then I’m not gonna have a healthy, fruitful harvest that I can enjoy later.

Computers for Editing Videos

Second item to discuss is computers. Right now, I literally have a 10 year old computer. I don’t know how I’ve managed to do what I’ve done with what I have, but I have. I’ve always told people when they say, “Hey, what do you want to be known for? What do you want to be remembered for?” It’s being resourceful. I love being able to be resourceful when it comes to fixing something in the house or whatever it might be.  In this case I was pretty resourceful with that HP that I’ve had for what feels like forever. I initially bought it when I was day-trading because at the time it had a pretty decent size screen and a fast processor. I was using Sony Vegas as an editing tool initially when I started, but I have not upgraded since. Since I have editors that I trust, that I’ve trained, that know what I’m looking for, I’ve opted to keep myself free to work on business development, client retention and producing on a higher level.  The main purpose of the computer now is for producing the videos and the day-to-day of the business but also so I can edit whenever needed and so I can just be creative. I’m really hungry for that. I haven’t had it in such a long time.

San Diego - La Jolla - Beach - Sunset - Mind SuccessRight now I’m looking at a Mac. I know a lot of people tell me that they’re over priced but I’ve really had a great experience with the Apple products.  I have an iPhone, and two iPads so that tells you something.  The Mac that I have at my house just waiting for me to open it has a 27 inch screen, 5K retina, and I can build it up to 32 gigabytes of RAM.  Because we’re always shooting in 4K now, this type of computer is ideal.

A lot of editors I know have built their own computers, and I think that’s fascinating, but I just don’t see myself editing long term especially for our larger projects that can take days or weeks to complete.  I’m trying to make it streamlined for our clients so they’re not waiting around and because I have so many roles that I’m playing right now, editing is one that I’ve been able to delegate to a team member, so they can do a better job than I can since I might be more stretched out.

Create Content that Educates, Entertains and Inspires

Lastly, Gary Vaynerchuk and how he’s recommending everyone focus on three things when putting out content.  Actually, I listen to his podcast a lote especially when I’m working out but this info I got from a video I saw roll up on Facebook. What I like about what he’s doing is he makes it really easy for people to digest his information and his advice.  Whether it is while I’m on the bike at the gym or driving in my car, I’m able to take his content and digest it on my terms. 

Hawaii - Kauai - Hanalei Bay - Mind SuccessBut the thing that he mentioned today that really stood out was “how to be successful as a YouTuber.”  He mentioned how people generally choose a niche (i.e. a YouTuber talking about jelly beans or real estate) or vlogging.  This is the main way the YouTuber will present his or her information to the audience.

I believe they can easily overlap, and I think in my case they often do. I’ve started vlogging as of this year, especially because of Makena. I want her to be able to look back and watch these videos reflect on all the memories.  Additionally I’ve started travel vlogging, creating behind the scenes (BTS) videos, and really trying to document the journey.

I’m kind of molding it right now and seeing how I’m going to develop as a content creator.  The important thing is that I’m doing it or at least trying.  It’s in doing it that you can figure out a lot. Pick on and try it out.  See what you like.  Maybe it will end up being a hybrid of sorts. Just do you.

Three Pillars (Content)

  1. Educate
  2. Entertain
  3. Inspire

Gary V also talked about the three pillars in vlogging or being a YouTuber.  Whatever type of content you’re putting out there you want it to be entertaining, educational, and inspiring.  For me, as of right now, I’m trying to hit these three points with three points of my own. 1) my “thought of the day,” 2) something video related, and 3) an entrepreneurial talking point. I’m my approach will morph into something even better than what it is right now. Always getting better, always improving, right?

Grow Your Following Strategy

Another great point Gary V brought up was how you can grow your following on Instagram or Facebook.  If you have, let’s say 300 followers, you should actually direct message (DM) all your 300 followers and say 3 things: 1) thank you for following me, 2) why are you following me? 3) what can I do for you? What can I do for you to either…help you with what you’re doing, or what kind of content should I put out there for? 

Simple yet very effective.

In Summary

Just to reiterate, 1) your mind success is like a garden, feed it what you want and what you want to harvest in the future – positive thoughts only, 2) what is a great computer for editing and being a content creator, 3) entrepreneurship mindset behind content

Go check him out Gary V and definitely follow him. He’s got a ton of information.  Thanks for reading this. You could be anything but you’re choosing to read this, and thank you for that.

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