Creative Real Estate Marketing – Doing Whatever It Takes to Get Your Home Sold

Creative Real Estate Marketing | San Diego - La Jolla - La Jolla Cove - Seals - BeachI stopped by Amber Anderson’s office to get some tips, tools, and all things real estate from the expert herself. In her years of selling real estate, she’s had to go above and beyond to sell some houses even though they were perfect but just… couldn’t sell. When you’ve done everything right, the house is priced appropriately, and you’ve used aggressive marketing strategies via social media and video marketing, but nothing is working, you have to implement some Creative Real Estate Marketing. So today she’s telling me a few things about the crazy, outside-the-box things agents do to get homes sold.

Recently, Amber had a beautiful home in La Jolla, California on the market. The Skylark property is an expansive, one story house tucked away in a beautiful, lush area of La Jolla; the large windows open up the house to incredible light and stunning views. But after dozens of showings and quite a bit of interest, the house stayed unsold. So she thought, what gives? A certain couple had been back to look at the house four times, it seemed like they were on their way to buying it, but every time, they stopped in one specific area of the house and said, “Something just doesn’t feel right here.” And that’s when it clicked.

Apparently, “geopathic stress” is actually very influential on how people feel in a space. Geopathic stress is caused by natural energy lines under a house created by Earth’s vibrations which distort the energy of a house. Dealing with these funky energies is a lot like Feng Shui, so Amber called in an expert to do some tests. Amber has called her in to test houses before, but they’ve never found any energy distortions. This time though, they found a total of five energy lines running through the house! No wonder things were off! People who are sensitive to energies can usually feel these distortions and feel a sense of unease in a space, even if they like everything else about it.

The energy expert tapped sticks, called dowsing wands, into the earth in various points around the property in order to reroute the energy lines. A few days after she completed all the procedures, Amber had someone do another showing of Skylark, and sure enough, things had changed. The agent showing the house, without knowing about the geopathic procedures, commented on the fresh energy in the house, and how good the space felt.

What separates Amber from others in the real estate world is her Creative Real Estate Marketing, persistence, and determination to get a property sold. When things aren’t going right, despite your best efforts, you have to think outside the box and color outside the lines a little bit.

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