BTS: Filming Lifestyle and the Scerene Beauty of Poway, California

David: Alright so today we are in Poway, California filming lifestyle and a community, obviously Poway being that community. We’re doing aerial. We’re doing on-ground stuff. Zooms, wide angle, everything. Santiago behind the lens doing behind-the-scenes. I’m just really happy today, not just because it’s the holiday season but because we had some good energy here and we’re in Poway. Actually the Lake Poway’s behind us and it’s gorgeous. You got the fall colors. I’m enjoying today a lot and excited to hear what you liked.

Josh: You just took it all away from me, man! Definitely the best part of the day was being in that beautiful surrounding, seeing the fall colors, blue skies, warm sun. ¬†Yeah, it’s been a real nice day out in Poway today and we’ve been bringing the energy with the red shirts. Spreading that holiday cheer.

David: This was accidental… but maybe not.

Josh: Like, on a bigger level.

David: We both showed up with red which was cool because it’s the holiday season, little Christmas colors there. But I’ve been around all Poway today. I think we went Old Poway. We’re heading to Blue Sky Ecological Reserve, we’re going to some golf courses and it’s just a great day. There’s families out even though it’s Monday. I think people are out here because it’s Christmas break. It’s been a great day. Got some cowbells going on in the background. It’s phenomenal. Trail is behind us. Great day, man. Yeah man.

Josh: Happy to be here.

David: And thanks to Santiago.