An Entrepreneur’s Day in the Life: Vlog Meets BTS

An entrepreneur’s day usually starts off and end on exciting notes.  However, even this is a choice because there are days that aren’t as exciting as you might think but it is during these times that you must choose to see the positive in all the aspects of an entrepreneur’s journey.  Here’s a little sneak peek into a typical day for us at



This is amazing. My background looks amazing. I kind of look amazing. No gel in my hair.

Today is Tuesday. We are filming a house in La Jolla, and did some prep yesterday, kinda like how the shot would be set up for the day. It’s looking like it’s going to be a great day. It seems rather clear out today, a little bit hazy towards the ocean. Great nonetheless.

I got a lot of yoga in this morning. Usually, I do that midday, but I’m trying to push it towards the beginning of my day, start it off right. And then go straight into meditation, which is good for my soul. Did my daily journally, stay tuned, we’re gonna head over to La Jolla, I’m gonna pick up our team in about 12, 15, head out to La Jolla from Carlsbad and then we’ll film there pretty much all day until the sun sets, so you wanna stay tuned for that.

We are on our way, well, not wee, just me right now. I’m gonna be picking up Josh, McMerch.  This house is in La Jolla, California. It’s a real estate property, listed by Anderson White & Associates, really good clients of ours and friends of ours.

The weather today is somewhat not that favorable, but luckily, the houses are all bit inland from La Jolla, from the coast, from the Cove, from La Jolla Village, so we should have sunlight. If we go towards the coast, that’s where we’re going to have some issues. It’s got a lot of old charm to it. So far, I think my favorite based on pictures that I’ve seen, is the family room. It’s like a family room/sun room. It’s got so much glass just covering the whole room itself. So it’s going to be fun. Hopefully we get some good views, out towards the ocean. Really hoping for the sun to just shred the haze and just give us some amazing weather. Come on sun, do your magic.

So whenever I pick up Josh, I always basically let him know that I’m here, to bring him out with some music. So let’s try to find something cool to… sometimes I want something fresh new, but then at the same time, I kind of want something old, something maybe 80s. All right, we’re almost there.

The windows, pulling in now, his house. He said these are gonna pump me up, right? Listen to pump…get the day started. Lot of ’80s. I think I found a song. We’ll just see. Just to get it started, all right? A little biggie. It’s gonna get loud, so…

Neighbors probably hate me, because this is how I roll up every time we film, but he’s supposed to come out here and actually dance, but I don’t see him. Oh.

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