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Wear Heart on Cheek | Kari with Milo

Personal Development: Why Ever Serious Entrepreneur Should Adopt a Dog

Morning Mantra “I AM always open to new ideas. When I look for the good in any situation, I always find it.” – David A. Moya For me, being open to new ideas has always been a positive thing, especially as a serious entrepreneur.  Maybe it’s my personality.  Maybe its the idea of starting something […]

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Seattle Space Needle

Traveling to Seattle for Some Inspiration & Celebration

Home to the infamous Space Needle, beloved Seahawks, and of course the original Starbucks, Seattle has been on the top of my vacation getaway list for many years.  So when planning a weekend getaway traveling to Seattle for my mom’s 60th birthday, right away I thought what better city to visit than the beautiful Emerald City. […]

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Carlsbad San Diego Sunset Tamarak Beach

Be Like Water: Calm, Steady & Resilient

Morning Mantra “I AM like water – I flow around any challenge and with persistence (one drop at a time) I accomplish my goal.” – David A. Moya Be Like Water. Water is one badass organic chemical formula.  It is both gentle and powerful at the same time.  It can sustain and nourish man, yet […]

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Entrepreneurship | Travel Kauai Hawaii

Letting Go of the Need to Prove Yourself to the World

Morning Mantra “I AM aware of the power I have to consciously decide how I react in any situation and I use this power to bring about more happiness, prosperity & health” – David A. Moya So often we respond or act out of habit to just about every situation. Actually, who am I kidding? We’re so […]

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